What we do 

Stewart Global Solutions LLC., (SGS) advises governments, corporations and partners to help them understand the threats, challenges and opportunities along four lines of operations: cyber security, geopolitical intelligence, strategic planning and crisis management. Our advisory work also includes public speaking engagements. All this is detailed below. Keep reading to learn more.

Computer hackers, businesses competitors, criminal rings and spies are attacking organizations every day online. How can we help you keep the upper hand?

We help you access, understand and leverage the vast amount of information available to you in the public domain, critical to planning, decision making and much more. 

Are you organizing a discussion panel or looking for an expert on military issues, cyber security, open source intelligence, or international affairs from the perspective of a long career in the armed services?  We've got what you need.

Your organization operates in a complex digital world, which requires strategic planning to maximize your effectiveness and secure your goals.

Most companies and organizations will face a crisis at some point, but we know how to help you best prepare to minimize potential damage, and we can help you when it happens. 

If you're facing a crisis now and need  help, contact us 

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