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About Stewart Global Solutions (SGS) 

Businesses and organizations of all sizes are up against numerous challenges, which can threaten the success of your mission or your bottom line. Thankfully, your organization doesn’t need to wait for a crisis to occur in order to assure you’re equipped to deal with one.

SGS was founded in 2019 to provide consulting and advising services to help your business thrive in the 21st century operating environment. Our services encompass four domains; general crisis management, cyber security consulting, open source intelligence advising, and strategic planning. We also do public speaking events on those subjects.

About the CEO

Lt. General (retired) Vincent Stewart spent his career working with and advising government, military and businesses on ways to defend their institutions against 21st century challenges. With a vast career in the United States Marine Corps spanning roughly four decades, he most recently served as the Deputy Commander for United States Cyber Command and Director of the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency.

Stewart’s extensive professional insight inspired him to create a business, in which he could continue to help organizations tackle the challenges that ran central to his  career in the service. Interested to learn more about how SGS can help you? SGS now collaborates directly with Ankura. Reach out to Vincent via Ankura

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