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Stewart Global Solutions LLC., (SGS) exists to advise governments, corporations and partners in understanding the threats, challenges, and opportunities present in the current environment and to develop processes and systems to successfully accomplish shared mission objectives and corporate goals.  SGS assists its clients with anticipating crises and in the event of crises - to do their part to effectively manage their enterprise, and recover gracefully.  SGS accomplishes this through consulting services derived from the knowledge of numerous experts and senior executives and by providing a suite of mutually supporting technology tools. 

We do the advising work by putting together the best and most diverse group of partners that brings their expertise in five areas: cyber security; open source intelligence; strategic planning; and crisis management. 

SGS solves the critical issues facing our clients.  These clients include individuals, and organizations that are large and small.  SGS, provides individual-based and group-based consulting services and products in order to help organizations facilitate change, to achieve their mission objectives and to optimize performance and productivity.

SGS is also a global provider of artificial intelligence-based media monitoring and analysis services for large US government and commercial organizations. In addition to consulting services, SGS provides subscription-based technology solutions trusted by numerous government and military organizations.  


These tools provide local situational awareness, decision advantage, narrative assessment and predictive analytics across a wide range of complex security, political, economic, and humanitarian issues.